Voices in the Field: Professors Asbjorn Eide and Wenche Barth Eide

By Professor Brigit Toebes

This interview is the first publication from the series ‘Voices in the field,’ a joint endeavour by GHLG and IFHHRO.*

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Professor Asbjorn Eide (Oslo) is co-founder and former director of the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights at the University of Oslo and a renowned human rights scholar who stood at the cradle of the tripartite typology of state obligations (respect, protect, fulfil). In 1981 Eide was elected member of the UN Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (UN Sub-Commission on Human Rights, 1981—2003), where he has been re-elected several times as the only Nordic member, and has been responsible for developing a number of studies of this sub-committee.

Eide 1Wenche Barth Eide is Professor of Nutrition at the Medical Faculty of the University of Oslo. She was a pioneer with Asbjørn and other Norwegian colleagues in the early work on interlinkages between food and human rights and continued for many years to give content to the human right to adequate food; specifically the group developed a right to adequate food matrix which combines the tripartite typology of state obligations with elements of food and nutrition security (later used and adapted by Brigit Toebes for the right to health). More recently they have in their emeriti positions been working on the human rights consequences of unhealthy diets and have in this context helped create the interdisciplinary research and action network FoHRC (Food, Human Rights and Corporations which Wenche currently coordinates.

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Voices in the Field: Dr Tankred Stoebe

Interview conducted  April 15th 2017 by Helena Lindemann. Photo by Barbara Sigge.

Dr Tankred Stoebe is an emergency doctor, member Stoebe-Tankred-Portrait-c-barbara-sigge.jpgof the International Board of Médecins sans Frontières (‘MSF’)  since 2015 and was President of MSF Germany from 2007-2015. This interview is published as part of the series ‘Voices in the field,’ a joint endeavour by GHLG and IFHHRO.*

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