Voices in the Field: Dr Tankred Stoebe

Interview conducted  April 15th 2017 by Helena Lindemann. Photo by Barbara Sigge.

Dr Tankred Stoebe is an emergency doctor, member Stoebe-Tankred-Portrait-c-barbara-sigge.jpgof the International Board of Médecins sans Frontières (‘MSF’)  since 2015 and was President of MSF Germany from 2007-2015. This interview is published as part of the series ‘Voices in the field,’ a joint endeavour by GHLG and IFHHRO.*

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Voices in the Field: Ellen ‘t Hoen

Ellen ‘t Hoen is a lawyer and public health advocate with over 30 years of experience working on pharmaceutical and intellectual property policies. She has also published widely, her latest book being “Private Patents and Public Health: Changing intellectual property rules for public health”, 2016. She currently works as an independent consultant in medicines law and policy to a number of international organisations and governments, and is completing her PhD.  As an expert in access to medicines issues, in this Voices in the Field* video ‘t Hoen provides incite into her experience of how she became involved in access to medicines. For more information about access to medicines, visit http://www.accesstomedicines.org

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Voices in the Field: Dr. Adriaan van Es

Dr. Adriaan van Es, founder and Secretary of GHLG partner IFHHRO, is an MD, family doctor and counselor on end-of-life decisions.  Dr van Es is also active in health related human rights advocacy.  Learn more from the video below as part of our interview series, Voices in the Field*

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