A Reflection: Summer School Law & Lifestyle

By Dr Marie Elske Gispen, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Groningen

Most deaths that currently occur globally are the result of chronic or ‘noncommunicable’ diseases, in particular, cardiovascular diseases, most cancers, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes. Although medical science plays an important role in reducing these diseases, law and policy are also crucial, in particular as they can ensure access to prevention, treatment, and care, and address behavioral risk factors such as smoking, excess alcohol consumption, unhealthy eating and a lack of physical exercise. Indeed, goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals is devoted to combatting and reducing by one-third all premature mortality as a result of noncommunicable diseases.

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GHLG Event: Nov 14-15 EU-SINO Health Law Symposium


On 14-15 November 2016, the Global Health Law Groningen Research Centre has the pleasure of hosting the ‘EU-Sino Health Law Symposium’ in Groningen. This Symposium will be a joint effort of the University of Groningen (NL) and the Central South University (China). The Symposium will bring together a group of experts from China, the Netherlands and Germany to present findings and trends in international/national health law, policy and research.

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Event: Empowerment of Refugee Women and Girls

On the 24th of May, Brigit Toebes, Veronika Flegar and Lucía Berro Pizzarossa participated in the seminar “Empowerment of Refugee Women”. This event was organized by Annemiek van Vliet & Anna Luna Bertram and sponsored by FREIA and the Women and Law Working Group.

The event addressed the challenges faced by forcibly displaced women and girls through integrating different approaches to the issue. The first speaker, Lucía Berro Pizzarossa introduced the academic perspective through an overview of gender as a factor in refugee empowerment and particular challenges faced by refugee women and girls. Following this, Nadine Imminga discussed the standpoint of the Dutch Council for Refugees and her experiences at the reception centre for asylum seekers in Ter Apel. She raised issues around the cultural difficulties experienced by refugee women during the Dutch asylum procedure. These presentations were followed by Mastoora Sultani who shared her own experiences as a former refugee and as the founder of Femina Foundation seeking to empower refugee women.

Brigit Toebes and Veronika Flegar discussed the presentations and offered thought-provoking insights from the health and vulnerability studies perspective. Both emphasized the need for a more nuanced approach in discussing the empowerment of forcibly displaced women and girls.

We thank the audience for their insightful questions and welcome the engagement of academia in these pressing issues.

Speakers and organizers (left to right): Anna Bertram, Nadine Imminga, Lucía Berro Pizzarossa, Brigit Toebes, Mastoora Sultani, Veronika Flegar and Annemiek van Vliet.13343040_1625098277811027_4314233531202232817_n

Event: Empowerment of Refugee Women and Girls

Interactive event about the Empowerment of Refugee Women and Girls on 24 May 2016 at 3.30pm in Groningen. Interesting speakers, such as a former refugee and a women’s rights expert will debate issues of medical health for pregnant women, violence, hygiene and other struggles that refugee women and girls encounter. Free entrance. Limited spots, so sign up soon!

Debate & Film Screening on May 17th: Pills for Patients or Profit?

They say money cannot buy happiness, but it can certainly buy health! With  the cost of medicines constantly increasing, lower income countries may  be left behind and rich countries struggle to pay the bill. Are  pharmaceutical research and global disease burden still aligned? Should  governments interfere? Conflicting interests and divided opinions make a solution seem far away. Join our interactive discussion and share your  perspective with our expert panel:

Prof. dr. Hans Hogerzeil, Professor of Global Health and the Right to Health, former Director of Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policy at WHO

Ms. Ellen ‘t Hoen, Medicines Law & Policy consultant and founder of the Medicines Patent Pool

Join us on Tues May 17th at 19:00 for a debate and a film screening in the Academy Building at the University of Groningen! Register viahttp://goo.gl/forms/UHSZn2YmlN and find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ events/1691954974387198/.Pills or profits

Upcoming GHLG event: Doorwerking sociaal-economische mensenrechten

Op 28 april 2016 zal Gerrit-Jan Pulles, advocaat bij Van der Woude de Graaf een lezing houden over de doorwerking van sociaal-economische mensenrechten in de nationale rechtspraktijk.

Wanneer? 28 april 2016 om 16 uur

Waar? Zaal A8 in het Academiegebouw (Broerstraat 5) van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

The event will be held in Dutch.

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