Call for papers for the U4 Conference Cluster Social Sciences, Economics and Law

Please find the link at the bottom for the 2nd Call for papers for the U4 Conference Cluster Social Sciences, Economics and Law for 4- 6 November 2015, coordinated by Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG) and Sustainable Society with the theme “Governance of Contemporary Multilateral Institutional Architecture”.

May we ask you to distribute the call to interested researchers in your faculty, department or institution and encourage their participation. The conference has its own U4 website, including registration of interests and upload of abstracts or papers. Please take a closer look as it will provide more detail on the specific panels included in the call. The website is:

The topics for the conference are:

Governance of Politics, Conflicts and Interventions
Governance of International Trade and its Multilateral Agreements
Governance of Human Behavior and Morality in Innovative Markets and Firms
Governance of E-Democracy and Internet Architecture
Governance of Internet Challenges in East Asia
Governance and Equity, Inclusion, Diversity
Governance, Identity and Social Exclusion
Governance, Equity and Diversity

By organising this conference with its various highly topical panels, researchers may present their work and look into cooperation possbilities. Panels have been chosen in such a way as to obtain maximum benefit of bringing together the best researchers, including PhD students, across our 4 universities. We look very much forward to the conference and hope to see many of you in het Kasteel on the 4 – 6th November.


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